Electronic Sensors Electronic Sensors for the Evil Genius

Thomas Petruzzellis, quot;Electronic Sensors Electronic Sensors for the Evil Geniusquot;
McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics | 2006 | ISBN: 0071470360 | 330 pages | File type: PDF | 51,3 mb
Reach beyond the limits of your own eyes, ears, nose, and sense of touch with these 54 exciting projects that enlist the uncanny talents of electronic sensors to probe dimensions beyond mere human powers of perception. With the help of popular electronics author Tom Petruzzellis, you can build your own fantastic projects that measure, touch, and explore the limits of the known natural world and the leading edges of the future of science and robotics! All 54 projects are fun, easy, and inexpensive to make at home and best of all seriously exciting and impressive!

Petruzzellis takes the stuff of science fiction and science future, and brings it down to size for the home hobbyist or science fair project creator. With easy-to-follow plans, clear diagrams and schematics, and respect for your wallet, his Electronic Sensors for the Evil Genius gives you:
Illustrated instructions and plans for amazing pretested projects advanced enough for sophisticated electronics enthusiasts but described in sufficient detail to be built even by newcomers.
Explanations of the science and math behind each project. For instance, you can explore the technologies of vibration detection from intrusion to earthquakes
Frustration factor removal needed parts are listed, along with sources and many of these projects can be built for $20 or less

With this book, you can build and explore sensing equipment that parallels devices used in today's most advanced robots, machine controls, and tools of scientific measurement. The mind-boggling possibilities for combining these sensors with other electronic and mechanical devices are literally endless! If these projects don't get your creative and inventive ideas cooking, nothing will!

This awesome book equips you with complete plans, instructions, parts lists, and sources for these wonderful projects:
Jupiter radio telescope
Research seismograph for monitoring tectonic plate movement
Geiger counter for detecting atomic radiation
Electronic stethoscope for hearing detailed heart and lung sounds
Cloud chamber
Combustible gas sniffer
Earth field magnetometer
Atmospheric charge (lightning potential) monitor
Cloud charge monitor
Low-cost ion chamber
Advanced ion chamber
Electromagnetic field detector
Vibration alarm
Infrared motion detector
Flame detector
Shortwave receiver
Static tube
pH meter
Fluid/water level indicator
Electronic temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure gauges
Analog data logger
Many, many more!


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