Emily Splichal - VCore Workout - Dynamic Stabilization

Emily Splichal - VCore Workout - Dynamic Stabilization
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V-Core ® is the newest and Most Functional Approach to training the core. Through specific exercises, V-Core ® is designed to eliminate back, knee and foot pain often associated with poor foot posture, weak abdominals and improper body alignment. V-Core ® comb
ines the benefits of Pilates, Yoga and barefoot balance training to bring the focus on the power of proper body alignment and building a strong foundation - foot first. V-Core ® - we are bring core training off of the floor!

WARM-UP (4/5 Minutes) - Splichal moves Right Into static stretches without Any type of Aerobic warm-up (Generally Thought to be counter-Indicated). She includes down dog and lunges here as well as some more basic stretches.

V-CORE BASICS (19 Minutes) - I found this section, Which contains many One-legged static Holds, to be the Most challenging from a balance perspective. The basic stance is on one leg with the other knee up, and from here, Splichal slowly moves through many variations, including extending the leg to the front, to the back, and pulsing it to the side. Arms work is incorporated as well, as Splichal performs basic arm movements such as overhead press, triceps extensions, and rows, all while continuing the balance work.

V-CORE DYNAMICS (16/05 Minutes) - As the name Suggests, the exercises here Are More Than Dynamic and flowing in the Basics segment. For example, although Splichal begins with a static rear lunge, this moves into a balance hold, performed at a slow, controlled pace. Splichal also flows from one movement to the next for mini-combinations, such as a rear lunge / dead lift combo, a squat / curtsy lunge combo, and side lunge / side extension combo. This segment also includes some brief upper body work with weights.

FLOOR CORE (14 Minutes) - This section targets the abdominals and obliques. Unlike her deliberate work in the first two segments, Splichal moves much more briskly here, although she does offer the modification of doing plank work from the knees. The first variations include a slow push-up, a ladder plank, and a side plank with leg lift. Splichal also throws in a few superman moves on the stomach and crunch-type moves on the back. The final plank sequence includes reverse (face-up) plank, side plank with hip dip, and planks with knee-ins.

STRETCH realign (8/5 Minutes) - The Final stretch Mainly focuses on the hips and glutes, the Areas Which Are Most targeted
by the V-Core Workout. Splichal includes several stretches for the hip flexors as well as repeats some of the basic stretches from the Warm-Up.







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