End-of-Life Care and Addiction: A Family Systems Approach

Dr. Suzanne Bushfield PhD MSW, Dr. Brad DeFord PhD M Div, quot;End-of-Life Care and Addiction: A Family Systems Approachquot;
Springer Publishing Company | 2009 | ISBN: 0826121411 | 296 pages | File type: PDF | 1,5 mb
With a growing elderly population comes an increased need to recognize the medical and psychological needs of older adults suffering from addiction, particularly towards the end of life. This guide describes the challenges such persons and families present to those providing end-of-life care, and shows caregivers how to best negotiate these issues with clients and their families.

The authors place special emphasis on the role of the family, presenting a cohesive family systems approach to end-of-life care. The book demonstrates how hospice teams can work collaboratively with the client and family to help alleviate some of the emotional stress and pain of addiction. The authors also present practical guidelines for recognizing and diagnosing addiction, determining appropriate interventions, and outlining special concerns for addicted people in end-of-life care.

Key features:

?Identifies the known markers of substance abuse and appropriate interventions
?Provides guidance on how to address the physiological, psychological, and spiritual effects of addiction
?Details what every hospice team needs to know about family systems theory
?Discusses the emotional process of addicted clients, and what hospice teams, caregivers, and family members can do to help



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