Essays on the Moral Concepts (New studies in practical philosophy)

R. M. Hare, "Essays on the Moral Concepts (New studies in practical philosophy)"
Publisher: Univ of California Pr | 1972 | ISBN 0520022319 | File type: PDF | 109 pages | 1.2 mb

In this third volume of my collected papers I have included all but one of my main contributions, apart from my books The Language of Morals and Freedom and Reason, to the study of the moral concepts. The one that is omitted is 'The Promising Game' (Rev. Int. de Philosophie, LXX [1964]), which is available in two other volumes (Theories of Ethics, ed. P. Foot, and The 'Is-Ought' Question, ed. W. D. Hudson). They are for the most part controversial and even disputatious, as was inevitable in the climate in which they were written; I was concerned in them to distinguish my own position from, and to argue against, what I think to be serious and damaging errors in moral philosophy.
I have added a paper, written recently and now published for the first time, in which I try to sum up the present position in this field from my own point of view. It is unavoidably provisional and tentative. My own views are not static, and Mrs Foot and Mr Warnock, to mention but two with whom I have disagreed in the past, have important new contributions which are to appear shortly, and may even be out before this volume.1 I thought it best, however, to try to see how much common ground I could find between my own views and theirs, as hitherto set out - for I am sure that there is more than might appear at first sight. The paper was read at a seminar on Utilitarianism given by Professor J. J. C. Smart and myself at Oxford in the autumn of 1970, and attended by a number of distinguished and able philosophers. To these, and especially to Professor Narveson and Mr Parfit, I owe a good shaking up of my ideas, of which the second half of this paper shows the still somewhat disordered fallout.
Details of first publication are given in the footnotes. Asterisks indicate footnotes added when reprinting in this volume. In the first volume of the set, Practical Inferences, I included a bibliography of my published writings, in which the contents of the other volumes can be discovered. I have made a minimum of editorial corrections. I am grateful to the original publishers for giving their permission to reprint where necessary, and especially to the Aristotelian Society, to which three of these papers were originally delivered. I am also grateful to Dr Hudson, the editor of this series, for much kindness and help. on the Moral Concepts.djvu

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