Europa¡¯s Lost Expedition: A Scientific Novel

Europa¡¯s Lost Expedition: A Scientific Novel

2017 | ISBN-10: 3319431587 | 224 Pages | PDF | 7 MB

This classically styled, chilling murder mystery about an expedition under the ice of Jupiter's ocean moon Europa, backed up by the latest scientific findings on this icy satellite. The science fiction premise explores real possibilities of exploring other bodies in the Solar System, including probing their possible astrobiology. Now that the most recent world war has concluded on Earth, human explorers are returning to exploration, carrying out a full-court press to journey into the alien abyss using tele-operated biorobotics and human-tended submersibles. Nine scientists head out to Jupiter's icy ocean-moon. But at Europa's most remote outpost, one by one, the team members who shared the cruise out begin to die under suspicious circumstances. All was well until humans begin diving into Europa's subsurface ocean. The deaths have all the symptoms of some sort of plague, despite Europa's seemingly sterile environment.

Besides providing thrills, a science section covers the very latest in undersea robotics, discussing the assets future explorers may have available for exploring subsurface oceans on moons including Europa, Enceladus and Titan. The book explores the most recent results in Europa research, from safe radiation levels for human habitation, landing sites, subsurface ocean currents and makeup, possible plate tectonics, geyser activity on the surface, volcanic activity on the ocean floor, and Europa's bizarre exosphere. The book also covers extremophiles and the various possible biomes on-and inside of-Europa.


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