Fast Pronunciation of 39 Languages with Pimsleur

Dr. Paul Pimsleur, "Fast Pronunciation of 39 Languages with Pimsleur"
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Pimsleur - Fast pronunciation of the most rapid, convenient and efficiency of methods for studying foreign yazykov.Metod Pimsleur scientifically proven and justified, it is used by more than 25 million people vsem.Programmami Pimsleur people involved government agencies, with different nationalities, students, travelers, people create a family abroad, biznessmeny and all those who just want to learn a foreign language. Why? Because the method Pimslera works!

Dr. Pimsleer (creator of new technology learning languages and devoted his life to the discovery and study of methods of learning a language) has developed a new method, which is based on two key principles: the principle of expectation and the scientific principle of memory that he called Certified withdrawal interval. The manual includes both of these principles to provide you with the easiest and best possible method of study.


1. Albanian - Compact
2. Arabic (Eastern) I
3. Arabic (Egyptian) I
4. Armenian (Eastern) - Compact
5. Armenian (Western) - Compact
6. Chinese (Cantonese) I
7.Pimsleur - Chinese (Mandarin) - I, II, III
8. Croatian - Compact
9. Czech - Compact
10. Danish - Compact
11. Dutch - Compact
12. Farsi - Compact
13. French - I, II, III
14. German I, II, III, Extras, Plus, Swiss German
15. Greek
16. Haitian Creole - Compact
17. Hebrew I
18. Hindi - Compact
19. Indonesian - Compact
20. Irish - Quick Simple
21. Italian I, II, III
22. Japanese I, II, III
23. Korean - Compact
24. Lithuanian - Compact
25. Norwegian - Compact
26. Ojibwe I
27. Polish - Compact
28. Portuguese (Brazilian) I, II, III
29. Portuguese (Continental) - Compact
30. Romanian - Compact
31. Russian I, II, III
32. Spanish I, II, III
33. Swahili - Compact
34. Swedish - Compact
35. Swiss German - Compact
36. Thai - Compact
37. Twi - Compact
38. Ukrainian I
39. Vietnamese - Compact

You will learn:

-how to start a conversation;
-meet and greet new people;
-ask them if they understand English;
-how to tell them that you are talking just a little on ihnem language;
-tell them about your nationality and ask about ihnyuyu;
-to tell people where you come and ask them where they are;
-ask and give direction where to go;
-how to find a toilet;
-ask where you can eat or drink;
-tell them that you love;
-ask and tell where, when and with whom you would like to do something;
-invite and accept an invitation to dine estaurant;
-talk about shopping;
-use numb
-talk about money, about buying - and they are even presented in dollorov currency;
-talk about the rooms;
-to be using "why" and "so-what
-use phrases and questions in order to increase their capabilities in sootvetnom language.
Pimsleur - Albanian - Compact

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