Finsler Geometry, Relativity and Gauge Theories

Finsler Geometry, Relativity and Gauge Theories

English | PDF | 1985 | 375 Pages | ISBN : 9027719608 | 32.76 MB

The methods of differential geometry have been so completely merged nowadays with physical concepts that general relativity may well be considered to be a physical theory of the geometrical properties of space-time.
The general relativity principles together with the recent development of Finsler geometry as a metric generalization of Riemannian geometry justify the attempt to systematize the basic techniques for extending general relativity on the basis of Finsler geometry. It is this endeavour that forms the subject matter of the present book. Our exposition reveals the remarkable fact that the Finslerian approach is automatically permeated with the idea of the unification of the geometrical space-time picture with gauge field theory - a circumstance that we try our best to elucidate in this book. The book has been written in such a way that the reader acquainted with the methods of tensor calculus and linear algebra at the graduate level can use it as a manual of Finslerian techniques orientable to applications in several fields. The problems attached to the chapters are also intended to serve this purpose. This notwithstanding, whenever we touch upon the Finslerian refinement or generalization of physical concepts, we assume that the reader is acquainted with these concepts at least at the level of the standard textbooks, to which we refer him or her.


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