Foundations of Solid State Physics

Foundations of Solid State Physics: Dimensionality and Symmetry

English | 2019 | ISBN: 3527345043 | 592 Pages | PDF | 21,3 MB

An essential guide to solid state physics through the lens of dimensionality and symmetry

Foundations of Solid State Physics introduces the essential topics of solid state physics as taught globally with a focus on understanding the properties of solids from the viewpoint of dimensionality and symmetry. Written in a conversational manner and designed to be accessible, the book contains a minimal amount of mathematics. The authors?noted experts on the topic?offer an insightful review of the basic topics, such as the static and dynamic lattice in real space, the reciprocal lattice, electrons in solids, and transport in materials and devices.

The book also includes more advanced topics: the quasi-particle concept (phonons, solitons, polarons, excitons), strong electron-electron correlation, light-matter interactions, and spin systems. The authors' approach makes it possible to gain a clear understanding of conducting polymers, carbon nanotubes, nanowires, two-dimensional chalcogenides, perovskites and organic crystals in terms of their expressed dimension, topological connectedness, and quantum confinement. This important guide:

-Offers an understanding of a variety of technology-relevant solid-state materials in terms of their dimension, topology and quantum confinement
-Contains end-of-chapter problems with different degrees of difficulty to enhance understanding
-Treats all classical topics of solid state physics courses - plus the physics of low-dimensional systems

Written for students in physics, material sciences, and chemistry, lecturers, and other academics, Foundations of Solid State Physics explores the basic and advanced topics of solid state physics with a unique focus on dimensionality and symmetry.


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