Fred Alan Wolf- Meet the Real Creator - You!

Fred Alan Wolf- Meet the Real Creator - You!
Fred Alan | ASIN: N/a | 2004 | MP3 | 60 mb each
The more you learn about quantum physics, the more you wonder: who is really creating your reality? Fear not, Dr. Quantum, superhero of spiritual science, is here to help you meet the real creator: You! Join this champion of modern thought (sometimes known by his alter ego, Dr. Fred Alan Wolf) on a quest for truth through the strange reality of quantum physics. Listeners will discover how we participate in the manifestation of each moment, why the universe only seems to be beyond our ability to control, and how we can use the principles of cutting-edge science to truly take charge of our lives. On this four-part journey into understanding, Dr. Quantum will unravel such mysteries as:
Your spiritual elephant, who is really in control of your life from a quantum perspective?
Quantum heaven, quantum hell, if we create our own reality, why do things happen that we don't want?
If I have a soul, why doesn't it do something? How to open a dialogue between your self and soul.
Is there one soul, or are there many? A quantum perspective on the nature of self and other.
Whether he's rescuing listeners from confusion about subatomic subtleties or breaking down the barriers between science and spirit, Dr. Wolf sets the standard for bringing quantum physics down to earth and into our lives. ALWAYS WANTED.

[Fast Download] Fred Alan Wolf- Meet the Real Creator - You!

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