From Fed Up to Fabulous: Real stories to inspire and unite women worldwide

From Fed Up to Fabulous: Real stories to inspire and unite women worldwide

2016 |ASIN: B01IPY1JJ8 | 109 Pages | EPUB, MOBI, AZW3 | 1,5 MB

Have you ever looked at a woman and thought how does she do it? Can I ever live that life? She probably had a great life with no troubles because she is confident, happy, assertive, poised and graceful. You would never say she had challenges in life, because it simply doesn't seem to show. Maybe you think "She must have had it easy all her life, my story makes it difficult and complicated to achieve what she has. Will I ever be able to live like that, do that?"
When 7 strangers headed to Orlando Florida from 6 different countries in November 2015 to attend an international business conference with over 800 attendees from 51 countries, none of them could have anticipated that the 7 of them, who each had very powerful and unique stories of overcoming the odds, would gravitate towards one another amongst the masses and meet each other, finding a kinship, a soul sister, not only in sharing their stories of overcoming with one another, but in their passion to inspire others to overcome their own circumstances and set-backs. They could relate to each other's stories on several levels, and had a shared vision to inspire and unite women worldwide by sharing their own stories with them.
This book tells the real stories of 7 Successful business women from 6 different countries and 4 different decades who each had very unique and challenging events and circumstances like surviving a war, infidelity, single motherhood, warped self worth, rape, the harsh realities of the modeling industry, rejection, living without a real purpose or identity, near bankruptcy and more, to overcome.
There is something magnificent that happens when you share your story with someone. A connection and a level of understanding and inspirational energy that is released into their lives, as well as into your own. This is why, we the authors, decided to share our stories with you, with the vision of not only inspiring you, but for you to share your story as well to inspire others through it.
We trust you will enjoy this book and most of all that it will inspire YOU, and that it will ignite YOU to change YOUR life, and to inspire others through telling your own story as well.

AEN TURNER is an International Speaker, Author and Life Strategist. She believes that each one of us is born unique to make a unique difference in this world.

KRISTINE OVERBY is a Life Strategist & Speaker at Kristine International, Chairman for Aurskog Chamber of Commerce and Director of the International Concept "You Got Promoted"

MICKEY ROOTHMAN is a Business and Personal Development Coach, Speaker, Author, Strategist, Entrepreneur and Mentor to Young Adults

REGAN HILLYER is a Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, Mindset Coach and Author of the bestselling book "Be Your Brand"

RUTH COETZEE is a Serial Entrepreneur, International Award Winner, Digital Publisher, Small Business Expert and Content Strategist & Creator

SHUNTELLA RICHARDSON is a Speaker, Author, Life strategist, and Entrepreneur. Shuntella is on a mission to help individuals reach their highest potential in both business and career

VERONICA SOSA is a Serial Entrepreneur, Author and International Speaker


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