Full: A Life Without Dieting

Full: A Life Without Dieting

English | 2010 | ISBN: 1401929052 | 240 Pages | EPUB | 1,2 MB

Not a day goes by that the average American doesn't think about weight. We cut calories. We cut fat. We cut carbs. We eat five times a day. We eat three times a day. We join the gym. We take the stairs. We try to change our lives. Yet the weight epidemic continues to grow. So what's going wrong?
In FULL, the first book to offer an insider perspective on weight loss, celebrated bariatric surgeon Michael Snyder teaches you to reject the diet mentality that thrives on restrictions, deprivations, and total reversals of lifestyle. Using the science of fullness and introducing a new definition of "healthy," he brings us weight-control strategies that are rooted in our physiology and proves that the narcotic effect of fullness is the ultimate weapon in the battle for weight loss. Snyder provides us with industry-insider tips, tools, and information that have helped countless patients succeed in their weight-loss efforts. In FULL, you will learn how to:
Choose from a variety of practical strategies to achieve sustainable weight loss regardless of dietary habits and preferences.
End the confusion over portion control by synching visual and physiological cues of fullness.
Be full with less food but equally as satisfied (if not more so!).
Apply a Cheat Prescription so you can still say yes to indulgences and temptations without feeling like a failure.
Take advantage of the five intentional steps of digestion to gain effortless control of your dietary behavior.
Find fulfillment in a physical activity that is inexpensive, easy, and convenient.
With these new strategies and definitions, you will move from persistent dieting to living true to yourself and from being unhappily overweight to being a healthy individual who knows a happy weight better than a scale does. Dr. Snyder knows that it's not the surgery that creates success in his patients; it's what they do afterward that counts. And it is from this rich body of experience and practical wisdom that he's created these strategies to help you effortlessly lose 10, 20, 30, 50 pounds-or more!



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