Fundamentals of Numerical Mathematics for Physicists and Engineers

Fundamentals of Numerical Mathematics for Physicists and Engineers

English | June 30, 2020 | ISBN: 1119425670 | 400 Pages | PDF | 8 MB

Introduces the fundamentals of numerical mathematics and illustrates its applications to a wide variety of disciplines in physics and engineering

Applying numerical mathematics to solve scientific problems, this book helps readers understand the mathematical and algorithmic elements that lie beneath numerical and computational methodologies in order to determine the suitability of certain techniques for solving a given problem. It also contains examples related to problems arising in classical mechanics, thermodynamics, electricity, and quantum physics.

Fundamentals of Numerical Mathematics for Physicists and Engineers is presented in two parts. Part I addresses the root finding of univariate transcendental equations, polynomial interpolation, numerical differentiation, and numerical integration. Part II examines slightly more advanced topics such as introductory numerical linear algebra, parameter dependent systems of nonlinear equations, numerical Fourier analysis, and ordinary differential equations (initial value problems and univariate boundary value problems). Chapters cover: Newton's method, Lebesgue constants, conditioning, barycentric interpolatory formula, Clenshaw-Curtis quadrature, GMRES matrix-free Krylov linear solvers, homotopy (numerical continuation), differentiation matrices for boundary value problems, Runge-Kutta and linear multistep formulas for initial value problems. Each section concludes with Matlab hands-on computer practicals and problem and exercise sets. This book:

Provides a modern perspective of numerical mathematics by introducing top-notch techniques currently used by numerical analysts
Contains two parts, each of which has been designed as a one-semester course
Includes computational practicals in Matlab (with solutions) at the end of each section for the instructor to monitor the student's progress through potential exams or short projects
Contains problem and exercise sets (also with solutions) at the end of each section

Fundamentals of Numerical Mathematics for Physicists and Engineers is an excellent book for advanced undergraduate or graduate students in physics, mathematics, or engineering. It will also benefit students in other scientific fields in which numerical methods may be required such as chemistry or biology.


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