Green Chemistry. Designing Chemistry for the Environment

Green Chemistry. Designing Chemistry for the Environment

1996 | 250 Pages | ISBN: 0841233993 | PDF | 22 MB

Content: Green chemistry : an overview / Paul T. Anastas and Tracy C. Williamson -- New process for producing polycarbonate without phosgene and methylene chloride / Kyosuke Komiya ... [et al.] -- Caprolactam via ammoximation / G. Petrini, G. Leofanti, M.A. Mantegazza, and F. Pignataro -- Generation of organic isocyanates from amines, carbon dioxide, and electrophilic dehydrating agents : use o-sulfobenzoic acid anhydride / William D. McGhee ... [et al.] -- Clean oxidation technologies : new prospects in the epoxidation of olefins / Mario G. Clerici and Patrizia Ingallina -- Dimethylcarbonate and its production technology / F. Rivetti, U. Romano, and D. Delledonne -- Selective mono-methylation of arylacetonitriles and methyl arylacetates by dimethylcarbonate : a process without production of waste / Pietro Tundo, Maurizio Selva, and Carlos A. Marques -- Oxidation of phenolic phenylpropenoids with dioxygen using bis(salicylideneimino)ethylenecobalt(II) / Angela Bassoli ... [et al.] -- Kinetics of zeolitic solid acid-catalyzed alkylation of isobutane with 2-butene / Michael Simpson, James Wei, and Sankaran Sundaresan -- Role of catalysts in environmentally benign synthesis of chemicals / Milagros S. Simmons -- Supercritical carbon dioxide as a substitute solvent for chemical synthesis and catalysis / David A. Morgenstern ... [et al.] -- Reduction of volatile organic compound emission during spray painting : a new process using supercritical carbon dioxide to replace traditional paint solvents / M.D. Donohue ... [et al.] -- Chemically benign synthesis at organic-water interface / Phooi K. Lim and Yaping Zhong -- Environmentally efficient management of aromatic compounds : economic perspectives of biocatalytic conversion of aromatics to optically pure synthons for the pharmaceutical industry / T. Hudlicky -- Environmentally benign production of commodity chemicals through biotechnology : recent progress and future potential / Leland C. Webster, Paul T. Anastas, and Tracy C. Williamson -- Teaching alternative syntheses : the SYNGEN program / James B. Hendrickson -- Incorporating environmental issues into the inorganic curriculum / James E. Huheey.


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