Guidance Information Processing Methods in Airborne Optical Imaging Seeker

Guidance Information Processing Methods in Airborne Optical Imaging Seeker

English | PDF | 2019 | 377 Pages | ISBN : 9811369933 | 23.23 MB

This book covers all main aspects of guidance information processing technologies for airborne optical imaging seekers, including theoretical models; image pre-processing; automatic target detection, recognition and tracking; and embedded real-time processing systems.
The book is divided into three major sections: firstly, a theoretical model for optical-seeker information processing is introduced; then information processing methods are presented, including target modeling, online image pre-processing, typical surface fixed-target detection and recognition, and moving-target detection and recognition; lastly, embedded real-time processing systems are introduced, including new system architectures, image processing ASIC/SoC design, embedded real-time operating systems, system implementation aspects, and system testing and evaluation technologies. The book offers a unique and valuable resource, helping readers understand both fundamental and advanced information processing technologies employed in airborne optical imaging seekers.


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