HTML & CSS Crash Course: Learn html and css with easy to follow-step-by-step tutorials

HTML & CSS Crash Course: Learn html and css with easy to follow-step-by-step tutorials

English | July 26, 2015 | ASIN: B012P3ZACW | 85 Pages | AZW3/MOBI/EPUB/PDF (conv) | 2.22 MB

Learn HTML & CSS with the Ultimate Crash Course on HTML and CSS! Learn Fast With Step by Step Instructions - in one easy to follow Book!

Are you ready to take on the web and start building html web pages and css? Do you want someone to show you the exact step-by-step ways to create HTML web pages with fancy CSS style sheets? If the answer is "YES", then this crash course book is exactly what you need in your programmers toolkit!

We live in a fast paced and constantly changing technological era. To survive and flourish you need to master both fundamental and diverse coding skills. Imagine having a firm foundation in HTM & CSS so that you could easily build and create nice looking web pages. Can you imagine if you knew how to create styled web pages including colored backgrounds, tables, images, book and even web sites with built-in audio and video players? This would open up many new frontiers dramatically enhancing your productivity - while making you more employable and keeping your clients happy.

Perhaps you're a beginner just getting started. Or maybe you're an experienced programmer, but new to HTML. This step-by-step book is great for both! The goal of this course is to teach you the foundations of HTML and CSS in just a few hours. In just a day you'll be up and running creating your own web pages. No limits. Just great looking HTML. From there you'll be ready to learn the advanced methods used to create your own web sites.

This book keeps it simple yet practical giving you the real life tools you need. In this course you'll find step-by-step lessons that build one on another to add to your HTML/CSS skill set a step at a time. Simple enough to digest each lesson quickly yet practical enough to give you real world skills, you will find out how easy it really is to make great looking web pages.

The idea behind this course is simple. You will learn the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, classes, attributes, tags and all the rest using simple exercises that show you exactly what to do. Gone is the guesswork and confusion, replaced by a feeling of confidence you'll have knowing exactly what to do in order to create web pages.

The surprise is you'll learn these techniques in a short period of time. By this time next week you'll be able to create your own web pages with style sheets. Some will master this book in just a day. Either way, gone will be the mystery of all the fancy codes and cryptic looking HTML, replaced by clear understanding. Does this sound good to you?

Let's see what lessons are included:

- learn what HTML is all about
- learn the basics of tags
- Create your first hello world web page
- Learn how to format text and create headers
- See how to set font color, text size, and type face
- Learn how to draw lines on your web pages
- See how to create an input form
- Add ordered and unordered lists to your web pages
- Include images on your web pages
- Learn how to add hyperlinks
- Learn how to make drop down lists
- Create radio buttons and form submission buttons
- Learn how to play audio files on your web pages with full controls
- Learn how to put a video player on your web page
- Basic training on CSS/Style sheets
- Learn how to link to locations in a web page
- See how to add a background image to a web page
- Learn how to set background colors
- Apply element and ID selectors
- Learn how to create tables and set colors and other properties

And much more! The contents of this book are easily worth far more than $20, but for a limited time you can download the entire book at a huge discount off our regular price. Think about that. If you went to your local bookstore a thick, boring, and impenetrable book on HTML would go for $30 or even $40. Why not get started right now for just $3.99!


[Fast Download] HTML & CSS Crash Course: Learn html and css with easy to follow-step-by-step tutorials

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