Ham Radio for Technicians, Extras and General License 2021-2023

Ham Radio for Technicians, Extras and General License 2021-2023

English | February 18, 2021 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08WZD4X26 | 145 Pages | Rar (PDF, AZW3) | 1.52 MB

Are you willing to obtain your ham radio license? Purchase a copy of this book and you are on your way to getting a technician license, general license, or extra license. These certifications are necessary to position you as a professional broadcaster in your region. You will be exposed to various methods of setting up an amateur radio station including the different certifications you need to undergo before you can broadcast effectively. Even in emergency situations, you should learn how to utilize ham for emergencies. Moreover, this guide is written to help you pass your license tests without tears and achieve your professional goals as a broadcaster.
Other things you will learn from this manual include: Understanding Ham RadioThe Place you can OperateHow to Tune in to Ham RadioAnalyzing the Electronic and Technology Attributes of HamsThe Social Elements of HamsHow to Relate to Other HamsAnalyzing Bands and FrequenciesWhat are BandPlans?The Different ModesUsing AM ModesUsing FM ModesUsing Morse Code or CW ModeIntroduction to RagchewsHow to Use NetsWhat is DXing?How to Manage Contests in HamReceiving AwardsManaging Radio OperationsHow to Begin a ConversationHow to Extend your Range with RepeatersUsing Operating SimplexHandling EmergencyOperating SatellitesHow to Use ComputersHow to Clean Up the SignalRadioDesignIntroduction to Electronic TheoryWhat is Ohm's Law?Analyzing Ohms, Amperes, and VoltsMoving DecimalsUsing DecibelsHow to Prepare for the Hams ExamUsing an Effective Study PlanHow to Find a Useful Material for StudyHow to Discover the Right Classes for LicensingWhat is a Volunteer Licensing System?Using the Volunteer Examiner CoordinatorHow to Find a Test SessionHow to Sign Up for a TestEngaging in Public and Private ExamsHow to go through the Licensing ProcessHow to Understand Call SignsHow to Obtain your LicenseWays to Complete your Documentation or PaperworkHow to Locate your New Call SignHow to Register Online with the FCCUsing the Privileges of General Class Frequency in Ham RadioThe Basics of Radio WavesWhat is Radio Spectrum?The Necessary Radio GadgetryFeedlines and Filter GadgetryAccessing Ham Radio on AirWhat are Filters?Understanding IonosphereHow Ionosphere Absorbs Radio SignalsThe Ways Sunspots Affects Radio PropagationAnalyzing SunspotsWhat is Critical Frequency?How to Use Optimum Working frequencyUsing LUF, MUF, and Critical FrequencyLowest Usable Frequency (LUF)Maximum Usable Frequency (MUF)How to Maintain your StationHow to Repair and Build EquipmentHandling Routine Maintenance for StationsUsing an OscilloscopeWhat are the Basic Controls for an Oscilloscope?How to Start Using an OscilloscopeHow to Allocate Amateur Radio FrequencyThe Size of the Radio StationThe Power of the FrequencyWhat are Antenna Analyzers and SWRHow to Use BatteriesUsing Very High Frequency (VHF)Using Ultra-High Frequency (UHF)And many more.

    This is just a few of what is contained in this book and you can



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