How Rich Is Too Rich?: Income and Wealth in America By Herbert Inhaber, Sidney Carroll

Herbert Inhaber, Sidney Carroll, «How Rich Is Too Rich?: Income and Wealth in America»
Publisher: Praeger Publishers (January 30, 1992) | ISBN-10: 0275936198 | ISBN-13: 978-0275936198 | 264 Pages | File type: PDF | 2.3 mb

"a new twist on the eternal question of inequitable income distribution, though they focus on wealth (accumulated income) rather than income. The authors document the dramatic disparities in the distributions of income and wealth and describe the problems these cause. Their solution, the `alternative distribution system," is quite simple: tax inheritance rather than estates. Individuals could inherit up to $1 million tax free. Each succeeding million would be taxed at progressively higher rates. This plan, they argue, would force an estate to be distributed among more people and would cuase beneficiaries to use inheritances more `vigorously and creatively.' The authors do an excellent job of making obscure economic data understandable." Booklist |

[Fast Download] How Rich Is Too Rich?: Income and Wealth in America By Herbert Inhaber, Sidney Carroll

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