How To Be Your Own Bodyguard

How To Be Your Own Bodyguard

English | November 30, 2017 | ISBN: 0985856513 | 314 Pages | Rar (PDF, AZW3) | 2.56 MB


Now you don't have to be rich enough to hire your own bodyguard. You can learn the skills in this book and take care of yourself the way the pros do.
"How To Be Your Own Bodyguard" is an invaluable reference for:
Anybody who wants to significantly reduce their risk of ever being a victim of a crime.
People smart enough to figure out there's more to self-defense than learning how to fight
Anyone who travels for business or pleasure.
Professional Close Protection Agents
People who want to try and avoid trouble rather than fight their way out of it.
Teens going off to college.
Martial artists
Law Enforcement Officers
Not only does the book explain how to keep you and your loved ones safe from criminals it also covers mindset training, which martial arts to pick, resources used by professional bodyguards and more. There are chapters on where you should stay in a hotel, the safest places on an aircraft, how to conduct a threat analysis like a pro, staying safe in your car, and dealing with blue light bandits.
That your car windows are actually stronger if they're down quarter of an inch if a mob is trying to break them.
Why riots and contact lenses don't mix
The four unconscious things that bad guys do before they attack you
Why RUN HIDE FIGHT during an Active Killer Event is wrong,and what works better.
How criminals select their victims
Why "Soft Skills" constitute 75% of self-protection and exactly what they are
A less than $10 security kit that will keep you safe in sketchy hotels
Because it's been written by a former professional protection agent who, for over 25 years, used the contents to keep his clients safe in hostile environments aroundthe world. As one Amazon reviewer said "I am a regional disaster preparedness officer for a multi-national corporation. This is the best book on personal security and disaster preparedness I have ever read...and I have a library of such books."

Critically acclaimed by security experts around the world this is the only book you'll need on the subject.Take advantage of Amazon's "Look Inside" feature and check out the table of contents for all the things you're going to learn. There's even a bonus home security check list for you that the author uses when looking after high risk clients.

They all begin with you being attacked. In reality the attack began a long time before the assault began. Non consensual violence begins with SELECTION of the victim. Next comes ISOLATION. The book will teach you how to run counter-surveillance and develop your situational awareness so you'll know in advance you're being set up. After the bad guy isolates his intended victim there will be a distraction phase consisting of some VERBAL patter. Verbal aggression is also always present in attacks in bars. "What are you looking at?" "You were looking at my girlfriend" If you can say something to make the situation worse then you can learn to say something that just might make the situation better. Again, the answers to that and more are in the book.If you can learn how to master those first 3 phases of a criminal attack then you rarely need to get in to the physical assault itself. As Sun Tzu said "The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting."


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