How to Get Free WiFi: Without Paying an Arm & a Leg for Expensive DSL & Without Going to Jail

How to Get Free WiFi: Without Paying an Arm & a Leg for Expensive DSL & Without Going to Jail

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In this e-book, I will show you how to get free WiFi without paying an arm & a leg, and without going to jail for it.

Picture this: you do freelance writing for a cutting-edge robotics firm. They're sitting on the edge of a breakthrough that will push humankind into the 21st century for real, and they have given you 24 hours to write up a user manual, to help their customers use their breakthrough device. You write the manual and are about to send it to them, but you don't have the means to send an email, because you can't pay for an expensive DSL or Cable internet connection. So what do you do?

You look up this ebook and buy it, and through this ebook, I will show you how to get the free WiFi you need, to send the robot company their award-winning user manual document, and voila...

Your day's been saved!

My ebook may be short, but it contains not just one - no, I wouldn't just give you a single option that might become useless at some point - but TWO good, legal, and usable options for getting free WiFi. How you decide to use these two options is completely up to you! These two options include getting WiFi at restaurants and through some agreeable social engineering methods. In this short ebook I'll teach you how you can maximize your chances of succeeding at the option you choose without getting in trouble.

So what do you think? It's about time to purchase my ebook and get some free WiFi, am I correct?


[Fast Download] How to Get Free WiFi: Without Paying an Arm & a Leg for Expensive DSL & Without Going to Jail

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