Humanity & A Healthy Lifestyle (Self Development Masterkey)

Humanity & A Healthy Lifestyle (Self Development Masterkey)

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You must always maintain your values and activities that guarantee peace and happiness, always decide what is right before taking action, be consistent and moderate in what you do to keep your balance and control, this way you achieve your goals slowly but sure. Only do things excessively if the need arises to avoid a situation were you go down faster than your fastest speed going up. .
There are principles of health that you need to respect in life if you are to perfect your body, and that is to guard your mind from negative thoughts that lead you to destruction. Anything negative has a potential dangerous threat that can rob your body of its health and grace. Your health safety is at great risk than anything else you can think of to be much more at risk, you only need to expose yourself and feel the difference when the effects start to get the better of your defence system.
t is such pain, wickedness and bitterness in this world that due to you having made bad use of your free will, you have broken the harmony that existed between man and the laws dictated by our Almighty, that we find our life full of natural disasters, diseases and other untold sufferings. .
Oh, humanity saddened, shadowed by pain and bitterness, very much produced by the lack of harmony amongst humankind. Why do religions disregard one another, vices gather strength within men, chaos and harbouring war in the heart, take so much of our time and energy? Is it greed, is it hatred or maybe the lack of a purposeful life?. Sin seems to have found a welcoming humankind that it has multiplied with the young ones not even spared, why? Our one pure environment is now contaminated with all sorts of evil doings, our thoughts and hearts are now confused parts of our bodies, seeking salvation from the mind, a mind corrupted with vices of humanity. Is this how we are supposed to be, Is this how we should be or maybe we don't recognize the importance of humanity to this universe?.


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