Impractical Python Projects: Playful Programming Activities to Make You Smarter

Impractical Python Projects: Playful Programming Activities to Make You Smarter

English | November 27th, 2018 | ISBN: 159327890X | 426 Pages | EPUB | 24.89 MB

Impractical Python Projects is a collection of fun and educational projects designed to entertain programmers while enhancing their Python skills. It picks up where the complete beginner books leave off, expanding on existing concepts and introducing new tools that you'll use every day. And to keep things interesting, each project includes a zany twist featuring historical incidents, pop culture references, and literary allusions.

You'll flex your problem-solving skills and employ Python's many useful libraries to do things like:
Help James Bond crack a high-tech safe with a hill-climbing algorithm
Write haiku poems using Markov Chain Analysis
Use genetic algorithms to breed a race of gigantic rats
Crack the world's most successful military cipher using cryptanalysis
Derive the anagram, "I am Lord Voldemort" using linguistical sieves
Plan your parents' secure retirement with Monte Carlo simulation
Save the sorceress Zatanna from a stabby death using palingrams
Model the Milky Way and calculate our odds of detecting alien civilizations
Help the world's smartest woman win the Monty Hall problem argument
Reveal Jupiter's Great Red Spot using optical stacking
Save the head of Mary, Queen of Scots with steganography
Foil corporate security with invisible electronic ink

Simulate volcanoes, map Mars, and more, all while gaining valuable experience using free modules like Tkinter, matplotlib, Cprofile, Pylint, Pygame, Pillow, and Python-Docx.

Whether you're looking to pick up some new Python skills or just need a pick-me-up, you'll find endless educational, geeky fun with Impractical Python Projects.


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