Inside The Minds of Winners - Successful People Really Are Luckier!

Charles Burke, "Inside The Minds of Winners - Successful People Really Are Luckier!"
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Learn how you can take command of your life and create your own good luck with the same techniques proven winners use.

Find Out How Winners Do It!

What would you give if you could sit down with a double-handful of successful people and ask each one of them to explain their techniques?

Below is a list. You’ll recognize some of these names immediately, while others may be new to you. But in every case, these are people who consistently, steadily rack up incredible success stories, month after month, year after year.

Learn the success secrets of:

# Joe Vitale, author, lecturer, consultant
# Rick Beneteau, author, music producer, Internet entrepreneur
# Yanik Silver, author, Internet entrepreneur
# Linda Clemons, author, playwrite, talk show host
# Robert Scheinfeld, author, lecturer, consultant
# Don McAvinchey, author, spiritual coach, entrepreneur
# Stacey Hall Jan Brogniez, authors, consultants, innovators
# Clay Cotton, musician, author, Internet entrepreneur
# John Harricharan, award-winning author, lecturer

Until now, these people may have been only names to you, but I guarantee that after you read these interviews, you’ll know them as warm, living personalities who have worked hard for the information they are sharing here.

In these 9 interviews

You’ll read how author, publicist and copywriter Joe Vitale, who once was so broke he was homeless and shoplifted to eat, discovered the escalator through life.

* The five simple steps of Spiritual Marketing that add the magic touch to every project you take on
* How to find - and ride - your own Escalator Through Life
* What to do to feel you DESERVE good things
* How I motivate myself on down days
* Why the success secrets of P.T. Barnum still work today - and how you can use them to build your own fortune
* Why intentions are more effective than plans
* The hardest thing in my life to change
* The one thing I do that assures all my projects are total successes - both financially and spiritually

Yanik Silver, up and coming Internet entrepreneur and author reveals how an offhand gift from one of his fathers customers set him on his present path to success.

* How starting out selling medical supplies at age 14 handed me an incredible advantage
* The lucky gift at age 17 that made me a real salesman
* How I rearrange common things to create new products that customers are already wishing for
* The source of all your luck, and how to control it
* How my father grew his first business from nothing to millions
* The one simple act that determines what you are
* The easiest way to take control of negative thoughts

Don McAvinchey, Americas Spiritual Coach, reveals why he walked away from his very busy practice as an analyst and switched to coaching after two decades of success.

* Synchronicity and serendipity - big words for simple stuff you can do
* What I do when life tries to turn toward bad luck
* Hard question stumping you? How to get your pen to answer it
* Where to turn for top-notch advice that really counts if you cant go to family
* A scary step forward that brought a big breakthrough
* My fuel gauge strategy for maintaining strong spiritual, love and relationship reserves
* What to do if you don’t BELIEVE you can succeed
* The simple steps that cured me of procrastination and changed the pace of my successes

Rick Beneteau, a relative newcomer to the Internet, has quickly racked up an impressive record of achievements. E-zine Marketing Machine was an instant runaway success, and his newest book, Branding You and Breaking the Bank looks set to be even bigger. Rick tells how he found his biggest opportunity within the worst luck of his life.

* How my biggest financial setback got me started on Internet riches
* Why uncertainty is important to building success
* An easy way to pull yourself out of a bad day
* The very first thing to look for when you’re buried in problems

And so much more!


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