Introduction To Digital Signal Processing

Kuc Roman, "Introduction To Digital Signal Processing"
Bs Publications | 2008 | ISBN: 8178001683, 1441669493 | 487 pages | File type: PDF | 13,7 mb


This book is intended to be used in the first course covering digital signal

processing and filter design, typically offered at the senior or first-year

graduate level in electrical engineering. The course is also appropriate for a

graduate course in departments other than electrical engineering, such as

geophysics and mechanical engineering, in which the analysis of discrete"time

data is performed. It is assumed that the student has had a course covering

Fourier series and LaPlace transforms on the level of the first linear circuits
control systems course. This text also includes projects that require students to

write computer programs to accomplish signal processing projects. The student

should bO'familiar with some programming language 'such as FORTRAN,


This book approaches digital signal processing and filter design in a novel

way, by presenting the relevant theory and then having the student apply it by

implementing signal processing routines on a computer. This mixture of theory

and application has worked successfully for the past six years' in teaching this

course at Yale University. With this approach, the students receive a deeper

and intuitive understanding of the theory, its applications and its limitations.

The text can accommodate a wide variety of courses. Currently, the

course on digital filters at the undergraduate level are taught primarily as a

theory course, with homework problems and exams to determine the course

grade. This book can be used directly in this type of course. However, the

course becomes much more interesting and enjoyable when students apply the

theory to write programs to perform signal processing tasks


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