James Biser Whisker - The Philosophy of Alfred Rosenberg

James Biser Whisker - The Philosophy of Alfred Rosenberg

1990 | ISBN: 0939482258 | English | 131 Pages | PDF | 45 MB

An American academic's comprehensive, unbiased and highly readable study of the racial, historical, and philosophical ideas of National Socialism's most prominent theorist. Most stimulating in its thorough treatment of Rosenberg's quest for a Nordic Christianity, with fascinating material on his interest in Gnostics, Manichaeans, Cathars, and other precursors and rivals of the Church. Whisker's knowledgeable asessments of the influences of such figures as Meister, Eckart, Friedrich, Nietzsche, and AZrthur de Gobineau on Rosenberg, as well as the development of Rosenberg's racial world view. Makes this book indispensable for the student of Rosenberg, the Third Reich, or twentieth century racial thought.



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