Java Regular Expressions: Taming the java.util.regex Engine

Java has always been an excellent language for working with objects. However, Java's text manipulation mechanisms have always been somewhat limited, especially when compared to languages such as AWK and Perl. The introduction of an excellent regular expressions package into Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE) rectifies this. The new java.util.regex package offers everything a developer needs to use regular expressions, all packaged in an easy-to-use, object-oriented framework.


This book is a valuable reference for learning about regular expressions in Java. It focuses on the use of regular expressions in the Java language. This book offers working examples, best practices, an extremely detailed API reference with examples for almost every method, and a step-by-step tutorial on how to go about forming your own regular expressions.


You will find that regular expressions can be an extremely powerful tool in your programming arsenal, as well an elegant instrument that you will enjoy using. After mastering these tools, you will wonder at how you ever managed without them.


This is the only book to use the Java library to process regular expressions. It is appealing because it has so many examples. Regular expressions books are not so much "studied" as they are "looked through" and mined for good solutions. For example, the right regex expression can replace an entire page of code with two lines. Java/J2SE 1.4 adds a library for handling regular expressions. Regular expressions are text expressions used to find bits of information in larger bits of text, like 'find me all sentences with the word John' in it, or does any file include '5 e's'... The author offers a look at what regular expressions are and how to use the Java library to process regular expressions. There are plenty of examples to show typical and atypical uses of the library, a powerful learning tool.

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