JavaScript: Functional Programming for JavaScript Developers

JavaScript: Functional Programming for JavaScript Developers

English | 31 Aug. 2016 | ISBN: 1787124665 | 646 Pages | PDF/EPUB/MOBI/Code files | 28.96 MB

About This Book
Write powerful code with the high-level functions that JavaScript offers
Discover what functional programming is, why it's effective, and how it's used in JavaScript
Understand and optimize JavaScript's hidden potential as a true functional language

Who This Book Is For
If you are a JavaScript developer interested in learning functional programming, looking for the quantum leap toward mastering the JavaScript language, or just want to become a better programmer in general, then this book is ideal for you. This guide is aimed at programmers, involved in developing reactive frontend apps, server-side apps that wrangle with reliability and concurrency, and everything in between.

What You Will Learn
Get a run through of the basic JavaScript language constructs
Code using the powerful object-oriented features in JavaScript
Master DOM manipulation, cross-browser strategies, and ES6
Understand the basic concurrency constructs in JavaScript and best performance strategies
Harness the power of patterns for tasks ranging from application building to code testing
Build large-scale apps seamlessly with the help of reactive patterns
Explore advanced design patterns, including dependency injection
Develop more powerful applications with currying and function composition
Create more reliable code with closures and immutable data

In Detail
JavaScript is a high-level, dynamic, untyped, lightweight, and interpreted programming language, and functional programming is a style that emphasizes and enables smarter code, minimizing complexity and increasing modularity.

This course will take you on a journey that shows how functional programming, when combined with other techniques, makes JavaScript programming more efficient. The first module stresses the practical aspects of JavaScript development, including everything that a modern JavaScript project will need.

The second module explores how design patterns can help you improve and organize your JavaScript code. You'll get to grips with creational, structural, and behavioral patterns as you discover how to put them to work in different scenarios.

The third module will help you to write real-world applications by utilizing a wide range of functional techniques and styles. It explores the core concepts of functional programming common to all functional languages, with examples of their use in JavaScript.


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