JavaScript Concurrency

JavaScript Concurrency

English | 29 Dec. 2015 | ISBN: 1785889230 | 292 Pages | MOBI/EPUB/PDF (True) | 12.71 MB

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This book is written for any JavaScript developer who wants to learn how to write more efficient, powerful, and maintainable applications that utilize the latest developments in JavaScript.

About This Book

Apply the core principles of concurrency to both browser and server side development
Explore the latest tools and techniques at the forefront of concurrent programming, including JavaScript promises, web workers, and generators
Learn how concurrent and parallel programming can help you tackle the challenges of fast, data heavy web development

What You Will Learn

Understand exactly how JavaScript works in a web browser environment and how these mechanisms power our event-driven JavaScript code
Use promises to turn complex synchronization scenarios into readable and maintainable code
Compute values lazily and avoid unnecessary memory allocations using generators
Write concurrent code that doesn't feel like concurrent code by abstracting away boilerplate chores
Leverage true hardware parallelism with web workers to get better performance
Get to grips with the NodeJS model of concurrency and learn why it's good for I/O-intensive web applications

In Detail

JavaScript has evolved to adopt concurrent capabilities-one of the reasons why it is still at the forefront of modern web development. This book helps you dive into concurrent JavaScript and demonstrates how to apply its core principles, key techniques, and tools to a range of complex development challenges. Built around the three core principles of concurrency-parallelism, synchronization, and conservation-you will learn everything you need to unlock a more efficient and dynamic JavaScript in order to lay the foundations of even better user experiences.

Throughout the book you will learn how to put these principles into action by using a range of development approaches. Covering everything from JavaScript promises, web workers, and generators to functional programming techniques, everything you learn will have a real impact on the performance of your applications. You will also learn how to move between the client and server for a frictionless and fully realized approach to development. With further guidance on concurrent programming with NodeJS, JavaScript Concurrency is committed to making you a better web developer.


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