JavaScript by Example

JavaScript by Example

English | 30 Aug. 2017 | ISBN: 1788293967 | ASIN: B0751FDS6Y | 298 Pages | AZW3 | 2.17 MB

Key Features

Learn JavaScript from scratch by building clones of popular web applications
Understand the core concepts and techniques surrounding JavaScript with this power-packed hands-on guide
Explore modern JavaScript frameworks and libraries such as Node, React and Webpack

Book Description

JavaScript is the programming language that all web developers need to learn. The first item on our JavaScript to-do list is building g a To-do list app, which you'll have done by the end of the first chapter. You'll explore DOM manipulation with JavaScript and work with event listeners. You'll work with images and text to build a Meme creator. You will also learn about ES (ECMAScript) classes, and will be introduced to layouts using the CSS3 Flexbox.

You'll also develop a responsive Event Registration form that allows users to register for your upcoming event and use charts and graphics to display registration data. You will then build a weather application, which will show you different ways perform AJAX requests and work with dynamic, external data. WebRTC enables real-time communication in a web browser; you'll learn how to use it when you build a real-time video-call and chat application later in the book.

Towards the end of the book, you will meet React, Facebook's JavaScript library for building user interfaces. You'll throw together a blog with React, and get a feel for why this kind of JavaScript framework is used to build large-scale applications. To make your blog more maintainable and scalable, you'll use Redux to manage data across React components.

What you will learn

A strong understanding of web application development with JavaScript and ES6.
A firm foundation on which to master other JavaScript frameworks and libraries.
Write maintainable and scalable code by organizing functions into modules.
Importance of tools such as Node, NPM, Babel, and Webpack in Front-end development.
Work with real-time data such as incoming video streams, texts, and so on
Integrate React with JavaScript to build large-scale applications.
Utilize Redux to manage data across React components and greatly speed up the development process

About the Author

Dani Akash S is a passionate, self-taught application developer who loves working on the JavaScript stack. He has worked on many JavaScript frameworks, such as React.js, React Native, Angular, Vue, Express, and Sails. He has built many web and mobile applications. In his free time, he loves to explore new technologies and contribute to open source projects on GitHub.

You can find him on his Twitter handle: @DaniAkashS

Table of Contents

Building a To-do List App
Building a Meme Creator
Event Registration App
Real Time Video Call app with WebRTC
Developing a Weather App
Building a Blog with React


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