John Alanis - Secrets of Personal Authority [6 CDs - WMA]

John Alanis - Secrets of Personal Authority [6 CDs - WMA]
John Alanis | ISBN: N/a | 2007 | MP3 | 232 mb
"Secrets of Personal Authority: How to Get Other People—Especially Sexy Women—to Want to Do What You Want Them to Do"
Here are the secrets I reveal on this remarkable recording:

CD #1 The Truth About Authority—What Society Does NOT Want Men to Know

Why men are confused about what authority truly is?and why you continue to suffer the consequences, even though it’s not your fault
What authority is, what it is NOT?what society does not want you to know
How you can easily use authority to magnetically attract others (especially the women you desire), not chase them away like losers and jerks do
The unusual reason why you want to have authority instead of charisma
The two reasons why men fail with personal authority, and how to correct them quickly and easily
Why authority is a personal choice, and is yours for the taking to use whenever you desire (you can turn authority on or off at will when you know this simple secret)
How to generate “instant attraction?by simply “turning on?your personal authority (not one in a thousand men knows this neat little secret, but it can bring you as many women as you want as fast as you want)
Why you do NOT have to change “who you are?to use personal authority (a common fear among men, luckily it’s just not true)
Why “fake it ‘til you make it?is complete BS (and can get you in a lot of trouble) when it comes to personal authority
The truth about women and authority—and why the media, government and public school system has it all wrong
Why abuse is NOT authority and why it will backfire
Myths about authority that are holding you back from succeeding with women
Why and how any man can turn on his “natural authority?no matter your looks, age or income
The two types of authority—and which one you must use when attracting women?and why you must NOT use the other one
The story of two submarine captains?what made one “good?and the other “great??br/>Why you must turn on your authority when attracting (and keeping) women, or risk being celibate for life
Why independent “feminist?women crave men with personal authority, and why they are truly frustrated with men (Warning: when you turn on your personal authority around these kind of women, you must be careful not to attract too many of them—imagine, a flock of feminists fighting over YOU!)
Why true authority is NOT controlling, abusive, or just plain mean (and why guys who try to use authority in this way always fail miserably)
Yes, nice guys really do finish last—here’s why, and how to instantly quit being “nice?in a way that drives women wild.

CD #2 How to Instantly Get Rid of Your Authority Killing Habits

How to instantly increase your personal authority by getting rid of these authority killing behaviors?how many of them are YOU guilty of
The unusual reason why you must get rid of people in your life who have no personal authority (and why you must do it NOW)
How to avoid a psychotic relationship before it even gets started (Very few men know this secret, but it can save you a ton of misery—imagine, being able to “disqualify?a potential stalker, bitch, or gold digger 15 minutes after you meet her, not six months later)
Why it is important to get ‘round you people who are like you—and get rid of those who are not?and how to do this quickly, easily, and painlessly
The unusual—and necessary—characteristic all “masters of authority?have—do you have it too? If not, don’t worry, it’s easy to “turn on”

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