Kali Linux Hacking

Kali Linux Hacking

English | October 3, 2020 | ISBN: 1914028120 | 141 Pages | EPUB | 0.64 MB

Do you want to become  proficient specialist in cybersecurity and you want to learn the fundamentals of ethical hacking? Do you want to have a detailed overview of all the basic tools provided by the best Linux distribution for ethical hacking? Have you scoured the internet looking for the perfect resource to help you get started with hacking, but became overwhelmed by the amount of disjointed information available on the topic of hacking and cybersecurity?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the book for you.
Hacking is becoming more complex and sophisticated, and companies are scrambling to protect their digital assets against threats by setting up cybersecurity systems. These systems need to be routinely checked to ensure that these systems do the jobs they're designed to do.
The people who can do these checks are penetration testers and ethical hackers, programmers who are trained to find and exploit vulnerabilities in networks and proffer ways to cover them up.
Now more than ever, companies are looking for penetration testers and cybersecurity professionals who have practical, hands-on experience with Kali Linux and other open-source hacking tools.
In this powerful book, you're going to learn how to master the industry-standard platform for hacking, penetration and security testing-Kali Linux.
This book assumes you know nothing about Kali Linux and hacking and will start from scratch and build up your practical knowledge on how to use Kali Linux and other open-source tools to become a hacker aswell as understand the processes behind a successful penetration test.

Here's a preview of what you're going to learn in Kali Linux Hacking:

A concise introduction to the concept of "hacking" and Kali LinuxEverything you need to know about the different types of hacking, from session hijacking and SQL injection to phishing and DOS attacksWhy hackers aren't always bad guys as well as the 8 hacker types in today's cyberspaceWhy Kali Linux is the platform of choice for many amateur and professional hackersStep-by-step instructions to set up and install Kali Linux on your computerHow to master the Linux terminal as well as fundamental Linux commands you absolutely need to know aboutA complete guide to using Nmap to understand, detect and exploit vulnerabilitiesHow to effectively stay anonymous while carrying out hacking attacks or penetration testingHow to use Bash and Python scripting to become a better hacker...and tons more!

    Designed with complete beginners in mind, this book is packed with practical examples and real-world hacking techniques explained in plain, simple English. This book is for the new generation of 21st-century hackers and cyber defenders and will help you level up your skills in cybersecurity and pen-testing.
    Whether you're just getting started with hacking or you're preparing for a career change into the field of cybersecurity, or are simply looking to buff up your resume and become more attractive to employers, Kali Linux Hacking is the book that you need!



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