King Pawn Puzzles: 200 Easy Chess Opening Checkmates (Easy Puzzles)

King Pawn Puzzles: 200 Easy Chess Opening Checkmates (Easy Puzzles)

English | February 15, 2017 | ISBN: 152056371X | 206 Pages | PDF | 3.04 MB

These 200 chess puzzles in King Pawn Open Games 1.e4 e5 teach you how to checkmate in the opening. You have 50 mates in one and 50 mates in two with each color. Tim Sawyer gives you a wide variety of common mates that go way beyond the simple Qxf7 mate. There are 3 levels of skill: First, you learn what checkmates can occur in the opening. Second, you learn to solve them all correctly. Third, you learn them so well that you cannot miss them. Champions practice the basics. Basketball players shoot foul shots every day. Golf pros putt for dough. Comedians rehearse one line jokes over and over. Officers practice at gun ranges. These checkmates are your target practice. Your opponent's king cannot move when it is your move. He is stuck on one square for the moment. All you have to do is check the king immediately so that he cannot escape. How are the puzzles easy? Because every move is a check. Even the mates in two begin with a check. How are they puzzles? Because there is more than one possible check. Puzzles 1 to 100 are all White to move. White starts at the bottom of those diagrams. Puzzles 101 to 200 are all Black to move. Black starts at the bottom of those diagrams. Repeated practice makes you a winner. Go forth and win!


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