Learn Ansible: Automate cloud, security, and network infrastructure using Ansible 2.x

Learn Ansible: Automate cloud, security, and network infrastructure using Ansible 2.x

2018 | ISBN: 1788998758 | English | 572 Pages | True PDF | 21 MB

Run Ansible playbooks to launch complex multi-tier applications hosted in public clouds

Key Features
Build your learning curve using Ansible
Automate cloud, network, and security infrastructures with ease
Gain hands-on exposure on Ansible

Book Description
Ansible has grown from a small, open source orchestration tool to a full-blown orchestration and configuration management tool owned by Red Hat. Its powerful core modules cover a wide range of infrastructures, including on-premises systems and public clouds, operating systems, devices, and services-meaning it can be used to manage pretty much your entire end-to-end environment. Trends and surveys say that Ansible is the first choice of tool among system administrators as it is so easy to use.

This end-to-end, practical guide will take you on a learning curve from beginner to pro. You'll start by installing and configuring the Ansible to perform various automation tasks. Then, we'll dive deep into the various facets of infrastructure, such as cloud, compute and network infrastructure along with security.

By the end of this book, you'll have an end-to-end understanding of Ansible and how you can apply it to your own environments.

What you will learn
Write your own playbooks to configure servers running CentOS, Ubuntu, and Windows
Identify repeatable tasks and write playbooks to automate them
Define a highly available public cloud infrastructure in code, making it easy to distribute your infrastructure configuration
Deploy and configure Ansible Tower and Ansible AWX
Learn to use community contributed roles
Use Ansible in your day-to-day role and projects

Who This Book Is For
Learn Ansible is perfect for system administrators and developers who want to take their current workflows and transform them into repeatable playbooks using Ansible. No prior knowledge of Ansible is required.

Table of Contents
An Introduction to Ansible
Installing and Running Ansible
The Ansible Commands
Deploying a LAMP stack
Deploying WordPress
Targeting Multiple Distributions
The core network modules
Moving to the Cloud
Building out a cloud network
Highly Available Cloud Deployments
Building out a VMware deployment
Ansible Windows Modules
Hardening Your Servers Using Ansible and OpenSCAP
Deploying WPScan and OWASP ZAP
Introducing Ansible Tower and Ansible AWX
Ansible Galaxy
Next Steps with Ansible



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