Learning TensorFlow.js: Powerful Machine Learning in JavaScript

Learning TensorFlow.js: Powerful Machine Learning in JavaScript

English | June 1st, 2021 | ISBN: 1492090794 | 340 Pages | True EPUB | 18.47 MB

Given the demand for AI and the ubiquityof JavaScript, TensorFlow.js was inevitable. With this Google framework, seasoned AI veterans and web developers alike can help propel the future of AI-driven websites. In this guide, author Gant Laborde-Google Developer Expert in machine learningand the web-provides a hands-on end-to-end approach to TensorFlow.js fundamentals for a broad technical audience that includes data scientists, engineers, web developers, students, and researchers.

You'll begin by working through some basic examples in TensorFlow.js before diving deeper into neural network architectures, DataFrames, TensorFlow Hub, model conversion, transfer learning, and more. Once you finish this book, you'll know how to build and deploy production-readydeep learning systems with TensorFlow.js.

Explore tensors, the most fundamental structure of machine learning
Convert data into tensors and back with a real-world example
Combine AI with the web using TensorFlow.js
Use resources to convert, train, and manage machine learning data
Build and train your own training models from scratch



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