Lise Janelle - You Are Loved

Lise Janelle - You Are Loved
Lise | ISBN: N/a | 2007 | MP3 | 126 mb
This book will help you change your destiny by changing your reactions to your life, increasing your self-worth and motivating you to fulfill your dreams. It will help you understand the magnificence of your life.
Events in the universe that on a small scale look chaotic, on a bigger scale have harmony. To us on earth, when a tornado goes through a town, it appears as great chaos. From a space shuttle looking down at the earth you see great beauty and harmony. You have a balanced perception, you see what created the storm.
The same can apply to your life. Events that seemed like the biggest catastrophe there could have been, when looked upon from a bigger perspective, have beauty and harmony in them. When you have a balanced perception of your life, you experience inner peace and love.
You cannot be part of a magnificent universe without having some of that same magnificence. The main problem that you have had is that you have not been able to look at your life from a big enough perspective. When you understand the dynamics behind painful events you see how ultimately these events were not punishments or injustices, but lessons needed to help you unfold your life. When you truly love someone don't you want to help that person become all that they can be? From a bigger perspective, you have been loved every step of the way. How you experience life is the result of your reactions to your past. When through seeing your life from a bigger perspective you see the love in it, you change your imagination about the future and therefore change your destiny.

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