Making Sense of NoSQL: A guide for managers and the rest of us

Making Sense of NoSQL: A guide for managers and the rest of us

English | September 20, 2013 | ISBN: 1617291072 | 312 Pages | PDF | 26.66 MB

Making Sense of NoSQL clearly and concisely explains the concepts, features, benefits, potential, and limitations of NoSQL technologies. Using examples and use cases, illustrations, and plain, jargon-free writing, this guide shows how you can effectively assemble a NoSQL solution to replace or augment the traditional RDBMS you have now.
About this Book
If you want to understand and perhaps start using the new data storage and analysis technologies that go beyond the SQL database model, this book is for you. Written in plain language suitable for technical managers and developers, and using many examples, use cases, and illustrations, this book explains the concepts, features, benefits, potential, and limitations of NoSQL.
Making Sense of NoSQL starts by comparing familiar database concepts to the new NoSQL patterns that augment or replace them. Then, you'll explore case studies on big data, search, reliability, and business agility that apply these new patterns to today's business problems. You'll see how NoSQL systems can leverage the resources of modern cloud computing and multiple-CPU data centers. The final chaptersshow you how to choose the right NoSQL technologies for your own needs.
Managers and developers will welcome this lucid overview of the potential and capabilities of NoSQL technologies.
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What's InsideNoSQL data architecture patternsNoSQL for big dataSearch, high availability, and securityChoosing an architecture

    About the Authors
    Dan McCreary and Ann Kelly lead an independent training and consultancy firm focused on NoSQL solutions and are cofounders of the NoSQL Now! Conference.
    Table of ContentsPART 1 INTRODUCTIONNoSQL: It's about making intelligent choicesNoSQL concepts
    PART 2 DATABASE PATTERNSFoundational data architecture patternsNoSQL data architecture patternsNative XML databases
    PART 3 NOSQL SOLUTIONSUsing NoSQL to manage big dataFinding information with NoSQL searchBuilding high-availability solutions with NoSQLIncreasing agility with NoSQL
    PART 4 ADVANCED TOPICSNoSQL and functional programmingSecurity: protecting data in your NoSQL systemsSelecting the right NoSQL solution


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