Making of Psychological Anthropology

George Dearborn Spindler, "Making of Psychological Anthropology"
Univ of California Pr | 1980 | ISBN: 0520039572 | 679 pages | File type: PDF | 118 mb

Preface jx
The Editor xiij
General Introduction 1
Introduction to Part I: George Spindler 7
CHAPTER 1 The Authors: John and Beatrice Whiting 39
This Chapter 40
A Strategy for Psy chocultural Research 41
CHAPIER 2 The Author- Victor Barnouw 62
This Chapter 63
An Interpretation of Wisconsin Ojibwa
Culture and Personality; A Review 64
CHAPTER 3 The Author: Margaret Mead 87
This Chapter 88
The Evocation of Psychologically Relevant
Responses in Ethnological Field Work 89
CHAPTER 4 The Author- Francis 1 K H S l1 140
This Chapter 141
Passage to Understanding 142
CHAPTER 5 The Author: Louise Spindler 174
This Chapter 175
Researching the Psychology of Culture Change
and Urbanization 176
Comment by G. D. Spindler 197
CHAPTER 6 The Author: Anthony F. C. Wallace 201
This Chapter 202
Basic Studies, Applied Projects, and Eventual
j materl3a
Implementation: A Case History of Biological
and Cultural Research in Mental Health 203
CHAPTER 7 The Author: George DeVos 217
This Chapter 218
The Japanese Adapt to Change 219
CHAPTER 8 The AuthorĀ· Weston I a Barre 258
This Chapter 258
The Clinic and the Field 259
CHAPTER 9 The Author: John J. Honigmann 300
This Chapter 301
The Personal Approach in Culture and
Personality Research 302
CHAPTER 10 The Author: Melford E. Spiro 330
This Chapter 330
Culture and Human Nature 331
CHAPTER 11 The Author: George Devereux 361
This Chapter 362
The Works of George Devereux 364
Part II
Introduction to Part II: George Spindler 409
CHAPTER 12 The AuthQr' Theodore Schwartz 417
This Chapter 418
Where Is the Culture? Personality as the
Distributive Locus of Culture 419
CHAPTER 13 The Author: Robert B. Edgerton 442
This Chapter 443
The Study of Deviance-Marginal Man
or Everyman? 444
CHAPTER 14 The Author: Erika Bourguignon 477
This Chapter 478
Spirit Possession and Altered States of
A rechtal Jk Oeschorr ater~1
Consciousness: The Evolution of
an Inquiry 479
CHAPTER ]5 The Authors: Theodore D. Graves
Nancy B. Graves 516
This Chapter 517
Evolving Strategies in the Study of Culture
Change 518
CHAPTER 16 The Author: Victor Turner 556
This Chapter 557
Encounter with Freud: The Making of a
Comparative Symbologist 558
CHAPTER 17 The Author: Douglass Price-Williams 584
This Chapter 584
Cognition: Anthropological and Psychological
Nexus 586
CHAPTER 18 The Author: Michael Cole 612
This Chapter 612
Ethnographic Psychology of CognitionSo
Far 614
Concluding Remarks: George Spindler 632
Index of Authors 637
General Index 647


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