Marko Pogacnik - Touching the Breath of Gaia: 59 Foundation Stones for a Peaceful Civilisation

Marko Pogacnik - Touching the Breath of Gaia: 59 Foundation Stones for a Peaceful Civilisation
Publisher: Findhorn Press | 2007-07-01 | ISBN: 1844090973 | File type: PDF | 192 pages | 17.99 mb

"Marko Pogacnik brings us transformative understanding and practices to heal the deep, life-threatening split in our western psyche; the split between body and soul, between sacred nature and spiritual gnosis. His work and guidance are priceless for us now." Sidney Lanier, co-founder with Barbara Marx-Hubbard, Foundation for Conscious Evolution. On Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings. "This is a remarkable book by one of Europe's most important spiritual teachers. It provides unique and entertaining insights into the world of earth spirits and fairy folk. This is important information for the imagination and for healing the earth." William Bloom
Many people want to 'save the earth' from the multiple dangers threatening her. Most of us do not realise that what the earth chiefly needs is conscious human cooperation beyond the material level. She can then use her vast resources to save all the creatures on her surface, including us. We should be her conscious 'hands', but because we have forgotten how to listen and converse, the only 'hands' she can use to get our attention are unconscious, like natural catastrophes. But if we learn how to converse with her using this interactive book and our emotions, intuition and feelings rather than our intellect, we can become her hands and avoid the traumas, finding joy and companionship. In the author's own words, "As you read, be open to your own inner inspirations. Collaborate with the exercises. Rather than relying on the statements in book, listen to whatever whispers and stirs in your innermost being." Then you may sense that you are entering into Gaia herself, feeling her incredible strength, the wisdom that pervades her, the joy and laughter of her being and her cooperation with the heavenly powers. You may find yourself transformed and able to save the earth in a way that is uniquely yours, stamped with your identity. Earth Soul; Earth Goddess; Earth Cosmos; Earth Consciousness; Gaia; Geomancy; Meditations; Megaliths; Spirit; Power Centres; Vital-Energetic Systems.

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