Microscope: A Fractal Role-playing Game of Epic Histories

Microscope: A Fractal Role-playing Game of Epic Histories

English | 2011 | ISBN: 0983277907 | PDF | 81 Pages | 3.4 mb
Winner Most Innovative New Product, 2011 Gaming Genius Awards

Nominated RPG of the Year, 2011 Golden Geek Awards

What is Microscope? A fractal role-playing game of epic histories.

Humanity spreads to the stars and forges a galactic civilization¡­

Fledgling nations arise from the ruins of the empire¡­

An ancient line of dragon-kings dies out as magic fades from the realm¡­

These are all examples of Microscope games. Want to explore an epic history of your own creation, hundreds or thousands of years long, all in an afternoon? That's Microscope.

You won't play the game in chronological order. You can defy the limits of time and space, jumping backward or forward to explore the parts of the history that interest you. Want to leap a thousand years into the future and see how an institution shaped society? Want to jump back to the childhood of the king you just saw assassinated and find out what made him such a hated ruler? That's normal in Microscope.

You have vast power to create¡­ and to destroy. Build beautiful, tranquil jewels of civilization and then consume them with nuclear fire. Zoom out to watch the majestic tide of history wash across empires, then zoom in and explore the lives of the people who endured it.

Mock chronological order.
Defy time and space.
Build worlds and destroy them.

A role-playing game for two to four players. No GM. No prep. Microscope was playtested for two years by over 150 awesome gamers.



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