Network Theory and Filter Design: Vasudev K. Aatre

Network Theory and Filter Design: Vasudev K. Aatre
John Wiley and Sons Inc | ISBN: 0470202254 | 1986-12-02 | File type: PDF (OCR) | 476 pages | 11.6 mb

An attempt has been made to include two aspects of network theory, analysis and synthesis under a single cover. Basics of network theory - formulation and solution of network equilibrium equtaions, network theorems and natural frequencies, multiterminal networks, state models - are all discussed. Essentials of approximation and passive network synthesis are presented as prelude to filter design. A comprehensive introduction to active filter design with single and multiamplifier is also provided. Higher order filter design based on simulated ladder methods is also introduced.

A network or a system may be described as a collection of objects or clements governed by certain laws. In electric network theory we concern ourselves with four basic quantities: voltage, current, charge and flux. The study of intcrrelationshlps among these variables and the physical laws governing their behaviour is the subject of network iheory. Network theory, in general, may be divided into three components:

(1) The mathematical modelling of electromagnetic pbenomena.
(2) Tbe mathematical analysis of models of individual elements and systems, and their signal processing capabilities.
(3) The synthesis and design of systems and derlees.

One of the most useful approaches ia scientific analysis is that of modelling. The primary reason for constructing models is that the physical systems are usually too complex to be amenable to practical nalysis. The complexity arises due to the presence of non-essential factors and, hence, a model should extract only the essential factors. In essence, we can state that the model should adequately describe the physical behaviour of a system.

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