Never Eat Alone Again and Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time

Never Eat Alone Again and Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time
DOUBLEDAY | 2005 | ISBN: 0385515294 | English | 320 pages | PDF | RS | 4.8 Mb
This is a one of a kind book. It's the kind of books that you MUST HAVE in your bookshelf, if you plan on having success in your life at all levels. This is a modern guide to relationship success, it's like a modern version of How to win friends.

If carnagie would be alive today he would have wrote this book.
Why is it so damn good? Well everyone can use it, at all levels.
Are you in need to connect with more people at work? Are you into public relations? Are you in need of a new job, do you want to have more friends?
Want to expand your social circle? Or you want to improve your romantic success?
Well then Ask Keith Ferrazzi, he's THE EXPERT in the field of social networking. This book condenses the experience of Mr. Ferrazzi and is full of tips on how to connect with others, and improve the relationship with others.

Things that I believe you should take away from this book:

As Ferrazzi said, every job has one thing in common, the human factor, and by handling it you will improve your success rate dramatically. Its who do you know that gets you there, you can never get there alone. In order to climb the ladders, you have to help others first.
Also the idea that you must buy a list of customers before you ever have a product to sell is pure gold.
The book gives you the authors attitude and mindset and also gives you lot of techniques, tips and ideas, isn't just a mindset book.

I personally use his principles everyday in every relationship i come across, it also helped me to improve dramatically my life, i have more friends, i have better relationships, this book is a gem if you APPLY what he teaches.

Just take some of the principles,apply them, and see your life improving.

__________________________________________________ ________________________

Section 1 The Mindset
Chapter 1 每 becoming a Member of the Club (track 1 每 8)
Chapter 2 每 Don*t keep Score (track 9-12)
Chapter 3 每 What*s Your Mission? (track 13- 22)
Chapter 4 每 Build it before you need it (Track 23 - 26)
Chapter 5 每 The Genius of Audacity (=bold, daring & confident) (Track 27 - 30)
Chapter 6 每 the Networking Jerk (Chapter 31 - 35)

Section 2 The Skill Set
Chapter 7 每 Do Your Homework (chapter 36 - 38)
Chapter 8 每 Take Names (track 39 每 42)
Chapter 9 每 Warming the Cold Call (track 43 - 47)
Chapter 10 每 Managing the Gatekeeper 每 Artfully (track 48 - 50)
Chapter 11 每 Never Eat Alone (track 51 - 53)
Chapter 12 每 Share your passions (track 54 - 57)
Chapter 13 每 Follow up or Fail (track 58 - 59)
Chapter 14 每 Be a Conference Commando (track 60 - 69)
Chapter 15 每 Connecting with Connectors (track 70 - 77)
Chapter 16 每 Expanding your Circle (track 78 - 79)
Chapter 17 每 The Art of Small Talk (track 80 - 88)

Section 3 Turning Connections into Compatriots
Chapter 18 每 Health, Wealth, and Children (track 89 - 93)
Chapter 19 每 Social Arbitrage (track 94 - 99)
Chapter 20 每 Pinging 每 All the time (track 100 - 104)
Chapter 21 每 Find Anchor Tenants and Feed them (track 105 - 110)

Section 4 Trading Up and Giving Back
Chapter 22 每 Be interesting (track 111 - 123)
Chapter 23 每 Build your brand (track 124 - 127)
Chapter 24 每 Broadcast your Brand (track 128 - 136)
Chapter 25 每 The Write Stuff (track 137 - 138)
Chapter 26 每 Getting Close to Power (track 139 - 149)
Chapter 27 每 Build It and They Will Come (track 144(middle of track) - 149)
Chapter 28 每 Never Give in to Hubris (track 150 - 152)
Chapter 29 每 Find Mentors, Find Mentees, Repeat (track 153 - 161)
Chapter 30 每 Balance is B.S. (track 162 - 163)
Chapter 31- Welcome to the Connected Age (track 164 - 168)

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