New Trends in 3D Printing

New Trends in 3D Printing

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Some of the 3D Printing problems and new trends are considered in this book.

A quarter century period of the 3D printing technology development affords ground for speaking about new realities or the formation of a new technological system of digital manufacture and partnership.
The up-to-date 3D printing is at the top of its own overrated expectations. So the development of scalable, high-speed methods of the material 3D printing aimed to increase the productivity and operating volume of the 3D printing machines requires new original decisions.
It is necessary to study the 3D printing applicability for manufacturing of the materials with multilevel hierarchical functionality on nano-, micro- and meso-scales that can find applications for medical, aerospace and/or automotive industries.

1 Advanced Design for Additive Manufacturing: 3D Slicing and 2D Path Planning
2 Color 3D Printing: Theory, Method, and Application
3 Additive Manufacturing of Casting Tools Using Powder-Binder- Jetting Technology
4 Colour Image Reproduction for 3D Printing Facial Prostheses
5 3D-Printed Models Applied in Medical Research Studies
6 3D Printing Cardiovascular Anatomy: A Single-Centre Experience
7 Regenerative Repair of Bone Defects with Osteoinductive Hydroxyapatite Fabricated to Match the Defect and Implanted with CAD, CAM, and Computer-Assisted Surgery Systems
8 Applications of the Selective Laser Melting Technology in the Industrial and Medical Fields
9 On the Role of Interfacial Reactions, Dissolution and Secondary Precipitation During the Laser Additive Manufacturing of Metal Matrix Composites: A Review
10 Metal Powder Additive Manufacturing
11 Laser-Assisted 3D Printing of Functional Graded Structures from Polymer Covered Nanocomposites: A Self-Review
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