OS X for Hackers at Heart

OS X for Hackers at Heart
Publisher: Syngress Publishing | ISBN: 1597490407 | edition 2005 | File type: PDF | 464 pages | 13,3 mb
The sexy, elegant design of the Apple PowerBook combined with the Unix-like OS X operating system based on FreeBSD, have once again made OS X the Apple of every hackers eye. In this unique and engaging book covering the brand new OS X 10.4 Tiger, the worlds foremost true hackers unleash the power of OS X for everything form cutting edge research and development to just plain old fun.
OS X 10.4 Tiger is a major upgrade for Mac OS X for running Apples Macintosh computers and laptops. This book is not a reference to every feature and menu item for OS X. Rather, it teaches hackers of all types from software developers to security professionals to hobbyists, how to use the most powerful (and often obscure) features of OS X for wireless networking, WarDriving, software development, penetration testing, scripting administrative tasks, and much more.
* Analyst reports indicate that OS X sales will double in 2005. OS X Tiger is currently the #1 selling software product on Amazon and the 12-inch PowerBook is the #1 selling laptop
* Only book on the market directly appealing to groundswell of hackers migrating to OS X
* Each chapter written by hacker most commonly associated with that topic, such as Chris Hurley (Roamer) organizer of the World Wide War Drive



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