On Marx: An Introduction to the Revolutionary Intellect of Karl Marx

On Marx: An Introduction to the Revolutionary Intellect of Karl Marx

2007 | ISBN-10: 9087901925, 9087901933 | 108 Pages | PDF | 35 MB

On Marx introduces readers to the greatest intellect of the last millennium. Anyone who finds the 21st Century daunting, bewildering even frightening, or conversely, who has been too comfortable with the easy answers proffered by governments and the media, will discover that Marx provides unparalleled understanding and clarity as well as inspiration for engaging collectively in a type of praxis that holds the promise of both self and socio-economic transformation. We all live in the world of global capitalism, and no one has explained better than Marx how capitalism works, how it develops-now and in the future-and the consequences to be expected from the unfolding of its inner contradictions-from the growth of global poverty, the widening gap between the rich and the poor to the proliferation of endless war and environmental destruction. On Marx also enables readers to distinguish between the real genius of Marx 's thought and a range of ideas that have been erroneously attributed to him and which, unfortunately, have clouded many people's judgement of Marx. According to the author, if humanity is to have a chance for hope and ultimately peace and socio-economic justice, we need to open our minds to Marx-to give Marx a chance.



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