Op Amp Applications Handbook

Op Amp Applications Handbook
Author Walt Jung | Year 2005 | 895 pages | ISBN: 0750678445 | File type: PDF | 17mb
This book brings some new perspectives to op amp applications. It adds insight into op amp origins and historical developments not available elsewhere. Within its major chapters it also offers fundamental discussions of basic op amp operation; the roles of various device types (including both op amps and other specialty amplifiers, such as instrumentation amplifi ers); the procedures for optimal interfacing to other system components such as ADCs and DACs, signal conditioning and fi ltering in data processing systems, and a wide variety of signal amplifiers. The book concludes with practical discussions of various hardware issues, such as passive component selection, printed circuit design, modeling and breadboarding, etc. In short, while this book does indeed cover op amp applications, it also covers a host of closely related design topics, making it a formidable toolkit for the analog designer.

1: Op Amp Basics
2: Specialty Amplifiers
3: Using Op Amps with Data Converters
4: Sensor Signal Conditioning
5: Analog Filters
6: Signal Amplifiers
7: Hardware and Housekeeping Techniques
8: Op Amp History


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