Paul Scheele - New Behavior Generator

Paul Scheele - New Behavior Generator
Learning Strategies Corporation | ISBN: N/a | 2007 | MP3 | 322 mb
Behaviors are at the root of everything we do. Use this CD to neutralize behaviors that hinder you and acquire new behaviors you want.
This is the most popular Paraliminal CD, because it has unlimited uses. You are asked questions at the beginning of the session about your goal and behaviors. Answer them to the best of your ability, lie back, relax, and generate behaviors you desire. undefined
The New Behavior Generator is Paul Scheele's favorite CD!
Acquire or alter most any behavior whether for sports, hobbies, school, work, or relating with your family.

Use Session A to neutralize behaviors which may be blocking your success. Use Session B to acquire most any behavior to help you attain a goal.

"This would be the only recording we would ever need to make most any change in our lives," was how we talked about this, the first of the Paraliminals, in the early stages of development.

Our clients asked us numerous times to produce an audio recording using our technologies because they weren't getting benefit from the subliminals, hypnosis, and relaxation tapes they had been using.

We decided to give it a shot. We knew we would produce at least one recording, so we set out to create the ultimate recording: a recording to help generate most any behavior.

We heard success stories within days of releasing the New Behavior Generator. The first customer said, "One of my sisters had a way of pushing my buttons so that I would respond in a nasty and negative manner. Friday night I listened to Session A to neutralize my inner feelings to my sisters actions. Saturday morning I listened to Session B to install a behavior so that I would react the same way I would to a good friend."

He said, "That afternoon my sister was up to her old tricks, and guess what? She did not get me! I responded wonderfully well!"

There are countless uses for this CD. A high school student struggled with a D in algebra. He used the CD to pull on the mental processes of a student who did well in algebra. His finished with a B !

A weightlifter reached a plateau, not being able to lift over a certain weight. He used the CD to model another lifter who easily lifted heavier weights. The next day our customer broke through the barrier.

One guy bought the CD for one use and then put it in his dresser drawer. A few weeks later he was riding the escalator in a department store when another guy flashed a smile to two girls in front of him. They melted. He wished he could smile like that.

That evening while preparing for bed, he noticed the CD and wondered if he could use it for smiling. He tried it, and sure enough, in a couple days he was smiling nonstop.

Within a few days, his smiling "wore off" so he listened again. After several listenings over the course of a few months he found himself smiling all of the time.

Patricia Danielson, co-developer of PhotoReading, used the New Behavior Generator to learn French. Not only did she repeatedly PhotoRead the English/French dictionary, but she modeled the speaking behaviors and patterns of people she knew who spoke French. When enrolled in a French class in Brussells, the instructor said that she advanced faster than any student the instructor had ever encountered.

A golf instructor in New York, Ray Watson, recommends this CD to anyone who wants to shave a couple strokes.

Before we introduced Ideal Weight and Smoke-Free, many people used this CD to lose weight or quit smoking.

A postal employee used this CD to speed her keying ability for typing zip codes on letters that flew in front of her. She desperately needed success so that she would pass a performance test.

A piano student listened to this CD after his piano teacher demonstrated a new piece of music. The next day he practiced, and he said, "It is like I've already practiced the piece. It comes much more quickly for me."

A songwriter used the CD to write a song that sold to a rock ‘n roll group and later recorded.

The uses for the New Behavior Generator are limited only by your imagination. It is truly a revolutionary CD that can perform miracles, if you will, for virtually anyone who believes he has the resources within to live the ideal life.

Paul Scheele drew from 12 years of experience working with people on a one-on-one basis. He knew that often there are behaviors that get in the way of new behaviors or of attaining a goal.

We knew we had to neutralize, or reframe, those behaviors that block success. You will do this on Session A of the CD.

The next step would be to install new behaviors. You accomplish this on Session B by modeling someone else's behavior on a deep subconscious level.

You are asked three questions. What is your goal? You can acquire a behavior without a goal, but it is much easier when you have a stated purpose. Your other-than-conscious mind takes the acquisition process more seriously.

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