People Analytics For Dummies

People Analytics For Dummies

ISBN: 1119434769 | 2019 | PDF | 360 Pages | 35 MB

Maximize performance with better data

Developing a successful workforce requires more than a gut check. Data can help guide your decisions on everything from where to seat a team to optimizing production processes to engaging with your employees in ways that ring true to them.

People analytics is the study of your number one business asset-your people-and this book shows you how to collect data, analyze that data, and then apply your findings to create a happier and more engaged workforce.

Start a people analytics project
Work with qualitative data
Collect data via communications
Find the right tools and approach for analyzing data

If your organization is ready to better understand why high performers leave, why one department has more personnel issues than another, and why employees violate, People Analytics For Dummies makes it easier.


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