Portraits of Places

Portraits of Places

2009 | 389 Pages | ISBN: 1108003907 | PDF | 13 MB

Written by Henry James, Portraits of Places is a record of the author's reminiscences of his travels in Italy, France, and England during 1876-1882. Beginning in Venice, James takes the reader on a journey through Italy to France (Paris, Rheims, Normandy and the Pyrenees) and England (London, Warwickshire). His finely crafted word-portraits vividly evoke the less-frequented monuments of Europe, the abbeys and castles, events and festivals, and the scenic beauty of London at different times of the year. Also included are sketches of four scenic locales in North America: Saratoga, Newport, Quebec, and Niagara. Portraits of Places is a vintage work by a famous literary figure that memorably captures scenes of cultural and historical beauty on both sides of the Atlantic, as observed by an American traveller over a period of six years.



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