PostgreSQL 9.6 High Performance

PostgreSQL 9.6 High Performance

English | 30 May 2017 | ISBN-10: 1784392979 | 508 Pages | PDF (conv) | 7.61 MB

About This Book
Learn the right techniques to obtain optimal PostgreSQL database performance, ranging from initial design to routine maintenance
Fine tune the performance of your queries and avoid the common pitfalls that can slow your system down
Contains tips and tricks on scaling successful database installations, and ensuring a highly available PostgreSQL solution
Who This Book Is For
This book is for intermediate to advanced database administrators and developers who use or plan to exploit the features of PostgreSQL in the best possible manner. While administrators can benefit from the topics related to the installation, configuration, and optimization of the server, developers will learn how to write optimal queries and address performance issues in their database design. This book will also benefit the PostgreSQL internal architects in being able to monitor the performance using benchmarking tools.

What You Will Learn
Learn the best practices to configure your PostgreSQL 9.6 database for optimal performance
Write optimal queries and techniques to detect performance issue in queries
Fine tune the performance of your queries using benchmarking and indexing techniques
Ensure high performance and a highly available database using the scaling and replication techniques
Discover how to make informed speed and reliability trade-offs
Handle increasing database workloads without any hassle
Use monitoring insights to continuously rework the design and configuration for best performance
In Detail
Database administrators and developers spend years learning techniques to configure their PostgreSQL database servers for optimal performance, mostly when they encounter performance issues. Scalability and high availability of the database solution is equally important these days. This book will show you how to configure new database installations and optimize existing database server installations using PostgreSQL 9.6.

You will start with the basic concepts of database performance, because all successful database applications are destined to eventually run into issues when scaling up their performance. You will not only learn to optimize your database and queries for optimal performance, but also detect the real performance bottlenecks using PostgreSQL tools and some external tools. Next, you will learn how to benchmark your hardware and tune your operating system. Optimize your queries against the database with the help of right indexes, and monitor every layer, ranging from hardware to queries. Moving on, you will see how connection pooling, caching, partitioning, and replication will help you handle increasing database workloads.

Achieving high database performance is not easy, but you can learn it by using the right guide-PostgreSQL 9.6 High Performance.


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