Pots and Pans of Classical Athens (Agora Picture Book 1)

By John N. Thompson The Coevolutionary Process
American School of Classical Studies | 1958 | ISBN: 0876616015 | 36 pages | File type: PDF | 11,2 mb
By mingling images on well-preserved Greek vases with the more fragmentary ceramics recovered during excavations at the Agora, the authors show how different vessel forms were used in Classical Athens. By linking the shapes of pots with their social functions, this book gives meaning to the ancient names, such as skyphos, olpe, kantharos, lekane, and hydria, that one encounters when visiting museums. The booklet is illustrated with over 60 black and white photographs.




[Fast Download] Pots and Pans of Classical Athens (Agora Picture Book 1)

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