Practice CSS Grid Projects to Build Modern Real World Websites

Practice CSS Grid Projects to Build Modern Real World Websites

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Instructor: Aarthi Elumalai
By applying the concepts you learn in this course, you can code and design.

Here are the modules:

Module 1 - CSS Grid property - This is the foundation's module. We'll look at how to make an element a Grid container so that its child items can be manipulated. We'll also look at what Grid items are and their significance. In this module, we'll be looking into how to create grid columns and rows and how they can be used to layout the website elements in simple ways.

Module 2 - Grid lines - In this module, we'll look at a very important concept - Grid lines. This concept can be used to create full blown websites that are placed on 2 dimensional grid lines (hence the name). We'll look at how to use grid lines to create website layouts, and then we'll create 2 website layout projects using Grid lines as well. We'll also look into how to align grid items or the website's elements using the various Grid alignment properties.

Module 3 - Grid Areas - In this module, we'll look at yet another important concept - Grid areas. We'll look at how we can use grid areas to create complicated website layouts much easier than grid lines. We'll be looking at 2 more website layout projects in this module.

Module 4 - Create a website - real-world project (nonresponsive and responsive) - In this module, you'll learn how to create a simple, 2-column business website, one that looks like most of the small business HTML websites out there. You'll also learn how to make it completely responsive.

What You Will Learn

CSS Grid concepts with multiple projects for practical experience
How to create 4+ layouts that can be fleshed out into modern, fully responsive websites
How to design blogs, business websites, portfolio websites, etc with just a few lines of CSS grid code
How to create professional 2 dimensional web layouts with just a few lines of code
How to create and design websites, from simple 2 column blogs to complicated website layouts with multiple columns and rows
How to make your website into a full-blown responsive website, without using any external frameworks like Bootstrap.
How to create widgets, carousels, applications, galleries, navigation bars, menu items
How to control the position, size and spacing of any number of elements you create without collapsing them.


[Fast Download] Practice CSS Grid Projects to Build Modern Real World Websites

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